Should I text him if he hasn't texted me?

This guy that has been texting me for awhile randomly stopped. So I started a new conversation a few days later and we talked a bit. He asked me when we were going to see each other and I told him I would be in town this weekend. He told me he was excited to see me and I told him I was excited too and asked him what he would want to do. He said it didn't matter to him and asked what I wanted to do. I told him I would think of something, then he never responded.

Now, it's the weekend and I'm wondering if I should text him, like if he was waiting for me to text him (some people told me I should text him first and that it sounds like he was waiting for me) or if he just doesn't care. I'm really confused, if he was excited to see me, wouldn't he text me? So should I text him first?


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  • Well, you said you would think of something. So I would have guessed that you would be the one deciding where to go, thus texting him about your suggestion. Do text him! It isn't as complicated as you're making yourself believe. Go, send the message. Now!

    • So even if he didn't text telling me when he could he still could be interested? He could have easily texted the last few days too. I'm just confused since he used to text literally every day.

    • Mh.. that's odd. But do text him. I always think it is better to know what's going on than to wait and see. Guys are reguarly slow. My exboyfriend and I have been hanging out/hooking up every now and then, and there were days I would get so confused because he stopped texting me and later on we talked about it and He was also waiting for me to text him first! Keep this simple and give him a call. End of confusion!

    • That's true, even if texting him pushes him away further, not texting, I wouldn't talk to him either. So I guess putting myself out there is the best way. Yeah he always use to text then went through a period of using phone excuses when he didn't text me (lost his phone, it died, forgot it, got wet, etc.). But he told me he really likes me, other people told me he likes me, and he said he was excited to see me, so his actions and words don't make sense.

  • he was probably waiting on a response from you telling him where you wanna go, but he prob didn't text you because maybe he thought you didn't wanna hang out anymore since you never suggested anything -___-

    • Wouldn't he text tho. if he really liked me?

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    • good luck! keep us posted :)

    • Thanks! :)

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