French Kissing Tips?

I was over at my boyfriends house (this is my first proper boyfriend by the way, we've known each other for months now but the relationship is still pretty new) the other day and we were lying in his bed and french kissing when my phone started ringing. I answered it and it was my Mum asking what time I want to be picked up. While I was on the phone my boyfriend continued to kiss my cheek as I talked then made his way down to my neck then my shoulder and gently licked it. It was pretty distracting to say the least! I can't stop thinking about it either. I'm just a little nervous when it comes to that kind of stuff though. I don't really know what to do with my hands when we're kissing and I don't really feel confident with french kissing. I guess I'd just like a few opinions and a bit of advice when it comes to that kind of stuff. Thanks :)


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  • Oh girl I wish I could give you an advice as a man. :D The fact is that all men like different type of french kiss. A friend of mine just told me how much he hates when girls push forward their tongues. I like it. :$ So it's not a big deal you will know what's good for both of you.

    I really like when the girl touches my hair, face, ass with her hands, so just go on and explore him with your hands. :))


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  • You'll find out what works best with you after some time and experience. I usually follow my boyfriends lead with french kissing, so that I don't use too much or too little tongue.

    Depending on how intense our kissing is, here's what I do:

    I like to ruin my fingers through his hair, and my other hand somewhere on his chest or side. If we're making out and he's on top of my I like to put my hand under his shirt and go up his back and kind of 'grab'. If the making out is going to lead to a handjob or something along those lines I like to play with the elastic of his boxers while we're kissing.

    Really, you just have to let your hands explore. Kissing is fun! Don't be afraid to make it a fun time!


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  • Hold around his upper back and run your fingers through his hair, i abs


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