Things are moving too fast?

So, I've finally found that perfect guy. There honestly isn't a thing I would change about him.

We met at college about 5 months ago and instantly hit it off. The chemistry has always been there and I know for a fact that he's liked me since we first met. Well, because of irrelevant reasons we have only just got together. We've been together for almost 3 weeks now. Our first kiss was after a couple of days when I went round to his house (this is when I met his family too). It was really sweet and I still smile when I think about it. He's not met my family yet, but I plan on bringing him round to meet them very soon.

After a few more days we kissed with tongue for the first time and now we're extremely comfortable with each other. Well anyway, he's been away for 3 days now. He's been stopping at his Dads over Easter holidays and I miss him a LOT. We talk practically all day online and last night he told me that he loves me. It was a bit of a shock, especially because he told me before we got together that he only says that if he truly means it, and that those words are very important to him. To be fair he's liked me since we first met. I told him that I love him too. I don't regret saying that, because I genuinely think I do. I'm just a little afraid that things are moving pretty fast and I don't want it to just be infatuation or lust that's making us say that.

Advice and opinions please?

P.S. I'm 17 years old, I'm borrowing my older sisters account, and this is my first real relationship (same with him).


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  • whether or no its love, or something els, is up to you, time will tell, how committed you guys are to each other. for now,just enjoy being with him. there's no concrete official definition of love. you know better than anyone else, how you feel.

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