Cute Girl Digs Me But Won't Date Me?

There's this cute girl, who really digs me, but won't date me for a couple of reasons (as far as I can tell)

1) Her friend called "dibs" - I hate being "an object" that can be traded in such a way, considering her friend knew me for about a week prior but had only met me once and all we'd said was "hi" - it's odd, and the cute girl was annoyed at this, but still doesn't want to hurt her friend (which it probably wouldn't because her friend backed off)

2) She doesn't want to spoil our "dynamic" and "friendship"

What can I do - do I simply get over her or just give it time, hoping she'll change her mind.

The oddest thing is we both said we weren't looking for anyone, but you know it's like she turned my head and cleared a fog (does that make sense) And I think it was kinda like that for her too.


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  • just be clear , tell her if she won't date you you'll find someone else. don't wait till she changes her mind , tell her she changes it now or you find someone else . tell her you aren't interested in her friend if that is what you feel.

    personal experience; the girls who said 'I really really like you but I'm afraid dating will ruin our friendship" are the ones who mean : I only see you as a friend and you have no chance at being with me.

    you situation is a little weird with the friend thing , but it sounds similar . so get to know what she really wants , and move on if she says she doesn't want to ruin the friendship and 'dynamics'

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