When we're together things are awesome. But what should I do if she ignores my texts sometimes?

To elaborate, we've been going out on dates occasionally for a few weeks and texting in-between, things have really clicked between us. She's said she likes me and could see herself getting serious with me, I personally feel the same way. There's times though when it's almost impossible to get a hold of her. I'll try to make plans to hang out, she says she'll let me know, then when I try to get a hold of her there's no response until after we were supposed to hang out. I think I made a mistake though, I've probably been texting her too much and I'm afraid it might have drove her off. Anyways, this weekend I tried to get a hold of her Friday a few times and didn't get a single response. I haven't heard from her since and I know that she's been going out with her friends too. So here's what I really want to know... Am I just over thinking this whole thing? should I just give her some space and hope I didn't drive her off? Drop her like a bad habit? I really like the girl, but I'm inexperienced with the whole dating thing... Also as a note for future reference just in-case things did go bad, how much texting is too much? I've texted her about once a day to see how her day's been going... not sure if that's too much or not...


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  • If she's not responding to you then you've definitely been texting too much. Everyday would be fine if she was actually responding and show interest... but she's not. Best thing to do is just leave her alone because you're probably coming off as needy right now. Girls hate that.

    • Normally she does respond and we have nice conversations, in fact that's how it has been most of the time. But yeah, I really don't want to come off as needy and plan on just letting things be for now. If she gets back in contact with me then that means she was serious, if not... well I guess I'd need to just move on.

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