Guys, what kind of rule do you follow as far as texting a girl to hang out again?

I met this girl through a mutual friend because we both thought each other was cute. I took her to get ice cream on a first date then cooked pasta for her on the second. We kissed at the end of both.

She left her DVDs at my place again. Also said we could hang during the week

I texted her the day after the second and teased her a bit about kissing (not insulting just saying if her food was better than mine if give her a kids). Then I said something about dates. We talked about other stuff too. She didn't directly respond to the date and kiss texts. Still replied though. also talked to her before her bball game

I texted her during the week. Once if she was in class. Once seeing how her basketball game went. No response

Is there a rule or advice for whether or not I should try to hang with her or text her again?


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  • Well, I dunno. I wouldn't try to date someone who is really busy.

    And I like a reply to any message, whether to friends or lovers, first, before I send one back.

    Esp. if I sent multiple messages already. I'd just give it a rest till they reply.

    im not really into people who don't message me back that's never a good sign. or if they take realllllyy long. I think sometimes its reasonable if people are busy for a week or so, or until the weekend, but I'm not going to be into some guy whos gonna read my msgs and not reply, even if he's 'too busy'. too busy for me is not a good relationship. People make some time for things they love, even if its a short amount of time, replying to texts doesn't really take long.

    Sometimes people aren't in the state of mind to reply to some things, and that's a good excuse not to reply, especially guys. yes I do have some friends who are so busy that they sometimes don't reply to something, but I don't consider them close friends. they can be still good friends, but my close friends make an effort to reply ASAP, whether at work or whatever, and they excuse themself if they are busy. They have manners and don't make me wait.

    • yeah but I like her, not friends. And these were the only two texts ever that she hasn't responded to

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  • leave her alone for a while. She will come around. Women are just like men in a sense we enjoy the chase but once we got you its not that exciting anymore. So bring that back don't call her nor text her wait on her. If she really likes you more than likely she is going to text you ans jokenly say something like where you been stranger or something of that nature. You have come across as a little pushy and clingy to here so give her time

    i hope this helps

    • you could be right. I didn't mean to come off as pushy and clingy. Was it really that bad?

  • Just text her again!

    • what about how she responded to those date and kiss texts then didn't respond to the texts about the basketball game?

    • She's busy. I know I ignore my phone when I am busy.

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  • Are you always the one to text her first? If you are, you need to slow down a bit. Lean back and see if she texts you first. I think you may be a bit too eager if she stops responding. Don't text her for a few days. If she really likes you, she'll be wondering why you haven't text her and may get worried. She should text you then. SHOULD! if she likes you.

  • Well, this is coming from a guy that went through the same thing. To quote an old TV show, "Be patient grasshopper". If she really likes you, she will contact you. It might take a week, but you must show restraint. It's a quality (most) women like. If she don't, then just put her DVDs in the closet and don't worry about it. Good luck!

    • I hear ya. I hope I didn't freak her out or something mentioning the kissing and dates. I don't think it was but I overanalyze

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