What's the longest that you've taken yourself off the dating scene?

Not including the times you've actually been in a relationship, what is the longest amount of time you've taken yourself off of the dating scene (so this has to be after you started dating!) and why? Bad breakup? Just tired? What ended it?

I should clarify that by "taken yourself off the dating scene" I mean not actively looking for a relationship, just being content with being single.


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  • Well, we had been together a few days short of 11 months and I had felt like we were drifting apart. Anyway there was a fight and then a break up lol I met a guy that I really liked a month later we end up dating 4 months later... so I was out of the dating game for 5 months. :p I'm still with him its been 9 months so far <3

    • But for that five months, were you not actively looking for a relationship?

    • Nope... I had decided to stay single and then he finally convinced me to date him.

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  • I've never been in it ^^'. Years ago I took a glance at the chaotic torrent of suffering that it is and decided I'd be wise to avoid hopping in.


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