What should I do if I Haven't had my first kiss yet with my boyfriend and he wants to kiss me but I don't want

I have been with this guy a year and he wants to kiss but I don't want to kiss him... I'm attracted to him and all that but I just don't want to yet... do you think he will break up with me soon or stay with me since he likes me so much for staying with me? I'm afraid he will break up with me but idk... (this is for my friend she hasn't kissed him yet!)


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  • So...you've been with a guy for a year and you haven't even kissed?...I'm shocked and amazed. I mean seriously...a kiss is just a kiss, it's not a huge deal. Just kiss the guy, it's not like it's sex or anything, I'm sure you'll find out it's highly enjoyable. Plus, I mean give the guy a break, you've been with him for a year and he's gotten absolutely nothing...just do it


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