How do I tempt my boyfriend to kiss me?

Okay, so me and my boyfriend have been dating for two months now and he still hasn't kissed me. I know I should give it time blah blah blah whatever. I'm not exactly trying to "tempt" him to kiss me, but make him feel comfortable to do it. I'm not gonna dress up like some slut just to get him to. He wouldn't if I was anyways. Please help...


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  • you could try to stop thinking guys have to initiate every little thing and you can initiate and say you want to kiss him ..or just kiss him... that'd be a start LOL

    • Haha, (: That would work :P

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  • ive never kissed a girl so I would be in the same boat. Has he?

    • Yeah. He has. But the thing is the girl that he dated, well he was dared to ask her out. She's like the school whore so she made all the moves. He's so different with me than with her. I think it's a good thing though.

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    • can you send me a friend request?

    • Sure, (:

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  • Don't "give it time blah blah blah"... I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 months and he still hasn't kissed me. I "gave it time" but now I'm probably gonna get heartbroken so talk to him about it. Make them understand your needs+ their own.