Why do guys date some girls , but never call them their girlfriend?

what are some reasons on this happens?please share

this isn't about me , but I've had a far away crush on this guy for a while and I've noticed he's been going out with this girl allot for a whole over year and she's absolutely stunning super model status and she goes to 4 year university, but it just seems like he dragging her along..So why don't you think he wants to go steady with her..from the outsider she seems like the perfect package..
I'm pretty , but not as pretty as her if I was being honest with myself..I don't really talk to him I just see him around I'm not like that, but I was just curious on why he would put off them being together...I felt like when we did meet/ talk..He liked me allot , but I think at the time he thought she was a more pretty so kind of chose her...guess he didn't like her as much as thought


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  • The same reason anyone ever has issues with it. The whole "why put a label on it?" thing is all some stupid commitment issue. Either fear of commitment because they wanna keep their options open, or because they think they're gonna miss out on someone better if it came along, because they think their relationship is tying them down. There are a bunch of other reasons you might get from someone, but all reasons come down to being shallow, insecure, stupid and afraid.

    Really, commitment issues are stupid. if you ever run into a guy like this, dump him. Dump him ASAP. He's only using you until he thinks he can get something better. If he says otherwise it's bullshit, and he's a shallow fuck. Same goes with a lot of girls who say the same thing. If they're too afraid to make any kind of commitment, it means they're just after "fun" and that usually means sex. In the case of women it means sex and occasionally money or a free meal.

    So yeah, if you get this bullshit, dump them, or hit em with an ultimatum first.

    Anyway I hope this cleared things up.


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  • ? maybe they're taking it slow

    • so other then that though what would be some big red flags a girl could say or do that would prevent him ever wanting to be in relationship with her?

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    • @ update: he probably just wants sex from her

    • ok thanks for the info

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