He texted me while he was drunk and asked me to go pick him up?

He knows I like him but he hasn't done anything about it. But he text last night asking if I was out and when I said no he then asked me to pick him up, but I was already in bed.

Would you interpret this as he's thinking about me while drunk? And maybe likes me too?


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  • it could be that he was thinking about you while drunk but he could also be thinking who can I trust to drive me home so I don't have to drive drunk.


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  • Ehhh It's not a great sign. When guys text their x girlfriend while drunk then it is obvious that he still thinks about her. A new relationship? I don't know but it doesn't seem so good

  • Maybee he likes you or may be he doesn't .

    Chances are there

    most of the guys thinks about the girl they like while drinking. Some thinks sadly to not have that girl by their side and some happily to have that girl by their side.


    And some guys think about the girl they always wanted to sleep with !


    But if you really thinks that he like you then go ask him straight away.

    Or wait for the next time he drinks and text you !


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