Still think about my holiday fling?

I had a holiday fling when I was Overseas. Now really liking him but he is in Hawaii and I am in Australia. Doubt anything serious will happen. LoL.

He says he will hit me up if he ever visits Australia. In the mean time we are both still single.

Do still think about him but that is probably because I am totally single back home and am not thinking about anyone else?

I have him on Facebook but all we do is like each others' status's or check in's every now and then.

If anything at least we are still friends and not worried about whether I will hear from him or not which is good!

I also know that I am not in love with him. Just like him. A little confused that's all...


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  • If you think there more to that than you think/know. Well I'm not so sure what to say but...find your answer by asking if you want to see this guy again? or not?

    • I ended up messaging on Facebook but was not being flirty. LoL. It was just a short but sweet message and he did not even ask how I was going or anything. He did seem like he remembered me but.

      He is all the way in Hawaii though and I am all the way in Australia. It would be kind of hard to see him again...

      Still. Will have no hard feelings towards him if it does not work out that way. That would have been good if it did happen but!

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