Healthy conversation pointers?

What would you consider general rules of thumb for everyday conversations with a girl your dating? What would you consider a ample amount of talking to show your still interested, but not needy?

What are some topics that can get her talking in a conversation more,

i.e. certain questions about herself, certain questions pertaining to romance and likeing her?


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  • Just tell her about your day, and find some way to relate what you're talking about to her.

    You could actually make something up too about a friend you know, and go on to ask questions about romance from there.

    Flirt with her every now and then too. It varies by person.Don't compare her to other girls.

    Start talking to her a little everyday. If the conversation goes dead, try to pick it up once or twice. If she's eager to talk to you, she'll try too. If not, not all hope is lost. Try again the next day. xD

    If you guys are talking nonstop for hours without running out of what to say, continue doing that. But do give each other space. You'll know as time goes on.

    Best of luck. :)


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