Should I stop calling my boyfriend?

So, this seems weird, especially since I’m in a long distance relationship, but I have a bit of a problem. My boyfriend usually has his phone on silent, or is busy; he calls me when he’s free. His schedule is more back and forth, but because I’m a student, it’s practically set in stone, ie: I’ll be in class from this time to this time, home at this time, etc… When he calls, I usually pick up, and we end up talking for a long time (hours), but when I call him, he never picks up.

My question: because he never picks up his phone, should I stop calling him?

When I miss his call, it makes me happy that he was thinking of me, and I try to get back to him, but he doesn’t pick up, tries me again at a later time, really beginning the ‘phone tag’ game. What do you think, should I stop enabling this phone tag business, or just put up with the fact that he won't pick up? Would you call someone knowing that they weren't going to answer?

Thanks in advance.


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  • He may not be able to pick up when you call. As long as he keeps calling you back, continue calling him back so he knows you called.

    If he starts not callling you back, I'd start calling him less frequently until you aren't calling him at all. He'll either get the hint or not.


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