Drunken Text with a past crush.

So I drunkenly texted this guy in from high school last week. I use to have a huge crush on him and it took years to get over it. We almost dated once but we just didn't happen. I had a feeling that he like me a lot too , but I wasn't sure about him cause he's known to be a player and messing with peoples mind. Well I texted him that I regret not dating and I wish I would have slept with him. He answered me back the next day and we joked about it and kept asking me when he could come see me. Then he kept on texting me days after until I pushed him away because I had a really busy week and I knew he currently has a girlfriend. I never was really sure what he wanted from me. Did he want to date me or did he just want to f*** me and leave? Should I even try to make amends with him.


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  • He just wanted to hook up and since he's knowing to be a player that says enough