Any gingers out there?

I'm tired of mind games and pointless relationships that end up not going anywhere. I'm at a point where I'd like something serious. Wouldn't say marriage and settling down yet, but at least someone I'd like to see as a possible mother to my future children, a girl I could see myself traveling the world with and eventually starting a life with. Does anyone share my sentiment?

I looove ginger women and if there are any out there that share my sentiment about being sick of all the mind games that go into dating, I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Hair color or race isn't that important of course but everyone has a type and mine is ginger.


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  • I think ginger guys are superrrr cute and I have a strong liking for them

    I think it's too sexy when a ginger has flaming red hair with freckles and fair skin. it's so different lol and it's cute!

    Soooo, no, but I did have a ginger baby pic and this bitch on here felt the need to insult it!

    • YES! The fiery red hair and freckles that contrast the pale skin is just so appealing to me.

      Not saying I ONLY find ginger women attractive, they're just "my type" :)

      How did she insult it? Was it your baby pic? Or this random ginger baby pic that's been circulating around the net link ?

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    • What's the complete opposite of ginger?

    • Brunette & not white

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  • All I'm hearing is "I want someone without a soul".

  • ginger men are so cute too.

    its too bad I rarely see any.

    and I'm not a ginger though. sorry. :/

  • I'm not a ginger, but I feel the same way. I am 31 and SO sick of games and useless men. I want quality and not quantity

  • ginger women are still women lol

    but my cousin is red head and she's extremely pretty no joke lol

    • Yes, I know. They just happen to be my type... This cousin you speak of, is she single? ;)

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    • I got it :) was playing along lol

    • haha that's what I thought :)

  • I'm a half ginger xD

    But I think I'm a little young for you.


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