How to text a girl out of the blue

So I got a girls number from a guy friend, how should I start a conversation with her? We talk a bit around school, but I don't see her often and would like to get to know her better


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  • I think it would of been better if she gave it to you herself so it doesn't look like you are creeping on her. Regardless, say something like:

    " hey, its (your name) from (where you know her from) I hope you don't mind it to invasive but I got your number from (friends name) I just find you interesting and I would like to get you know you better if you don't find it awkward or strange. "

    Good luck.


What Guys Said 1

  • DON'T text her. I will repeat, DO NOT text her. You got her number through a friend? are you serious? no no no nonononononono! you get her number the right way man. You walk up to her, and tell her how goddamn pretty her eyes are and you tell her youd like to take her out and show her a good time AND THEN get her number.

    Not the, "oh, HI this is that one guy you know from school. I got your number from your other friend.". That's f***ing creepy and it shows you don't have the balls to get it yourself. Be a man. Sh*t.

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