International dating. I need advice, because I'm pretty sure I'm screwed :/

Okay, so I have Ebeen talking to this guy over in sweden since 15 July 2011. After about three or four months of talking/flirting he confessed to me... which was awesome, because I liked him too. Well, I agreed to fly there when I turn 18, because I plan on moving to the Netherlands and figured a one or two week stay in Sweden wouldn't be bad. Well, last week h said that he would come out here to see me this fall... I was really happy, but than I realized I'm still considered a minor here; we could seriously get into trouble. Plus, I don't know how to tell parents about this. Now, he is a decent man and offered to talk to my parents for me, but my parents are beyond strict I'm not really sure what to do with the whole thing. Any advice? Have you ever met someone internationally like this? Oh, he offEred to let me live with him too. I'm turning 17 in June and he is turning 24 in July. Age of consent in Sweden is 15 or 16. GAG what do you think?


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  • I would say its a bad idea to get in a serious relationship if he is 24 and you are only 16. This is because there is a lot of things you have yet to see and experience. It is way too early in the modern world. And in the US, I don't know much about European culture, most people wold find it very creepy

    sorry I can't really give you the answer you were looking for :(

  • the hardest part of it all would be telling your parents about it. they're already strict so it's almost a slim to none chance they'd be alright with something like this. if you really try to go this route and be with him it's going to hurt your relationship with your parents because it's really unlikely they're going to support you.


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