Are there still nice guys out there?

I just had a nightmare loving my boyfriend who I found out was having another affair with 2 girls... So what I did wass broke up with him and thank God after 2 years I've learned to move on >.< I really loved him that's why moving on wasn't really that easy... going back I tried to date again and its like history repeating again ... are there still nice guys out there or should I just tell myself to get used to it and change myself so that I don't end up hurting...

oops wrong choice of words it wasn't a nightmare it was REAL


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  • Don't change yourself for others, no matter what. That type of attitude means you're too weak, and that lets jerk guys walk all over you. Be your own person, and be the better person. Give everyone a chance, but try to choose better people next time. A ton of guys are jerks, and for some reason that tends to attract girls (at first, of course). It takes a while for you to realize that they aren't that great, and by then you've been hurt again.

    Here's a tip: give everyone a chance, and that includes the guys who aren't as attractive or outgoing. The ones who get all of the attention let it go to their heads, and that's why you've been hurt so much. Look deeper into everyone before you make rash decisions and date the wrong guys.

    Like I said, never give up, and never change. Don't chase after the bad ones -- let the good ones come to you! Good luck! :)

    • hmmm how would I know theyre good? I mean the guys I've dated before was good or I thought they was then a few weeks/months later that's when I discover how jerk they are

    • That's a good point. It might be hard, but you should try to not fall in love with them when you're still testing the waters, you know? Besides, once you find out they're jerks you wouldn't really like them anymore, right? That's what dating's for. You check out whether the guy's nice or not before you get too serious with them and they break your heart. Remember, though -- no matter what you do, you're gonna get your heart broken. That's part of the game, sadly.

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  • Hate to break it to you but yes there is TONS of good guys out there, they're just shy/not male supermodels. Might require a bit more effort from your part :)

    • you have to know I'm not into dating goodlooking and famous guys one reason is bec I'm not that beautiful and second is I'm avoiding jerks but still end up loving one

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    • lol I think I know why... its because we are never contented... I was like that before .. good thing I've changed XD

    • I hope you're not trying to argue that being physically attractive is what makes someone nice or a douche because that's not always true.

  • braking up with someone because of a nightmare that's just plain stupid ... it was only a dream, it wasn't real

    im a nice type guy but girls never ever wanted me.. I know now I'm hideous so I know ill never have a girl, I live alone and I feel depressed all the time ... when will a girl love me?

    • i really hope it was just a nightmare that everything was not real but it was... it would be easier waking up in a nightmare because once you get out of the bed all that's left are visions of your dream but what happened to me was nothing like that... knowing that the person you loved the most cheated on you was very painful ... there might be something about you that isn't nice and you thought it was or maybe were just the same ... falling to the wrong person

  • The obvious truth is:

    Girls don't like nice guys.

    They like guys with macho attitude.. but if at the same time they are super nice ONLY to them!

    Tough shell on the outside.. vulnerable core on the inside.

    If the guy is all softie and nicey on the outside, acting like a wimp - girls get turned off by that.

    Similar thing is about us, guys:

    We like girls who are innocent and cute, with virgin demanour. A real lady.

    ...but if at the same time they're real sluts ONLY for us, in the bedroom!

    If the girl is a slut and sex-obsessed on the outside - we get turned off by that.

    I'm quite sure you don't really want "a nice guy" - if you'll get one you'll be disappointed.

    What you really want is a guy who will treat YOU nice.. but you can't know what that person is like just after a glance... you have to spend time with them to see what they are about.

  • there are nice guys out here I consider myself to be a nice guy but guys who are not nice tend to be more aggressive and know how to get what they want. you might have to look for guys who are a bit more passive.

  • So it was all just a dream?

    • lolsorry ididnt check what I typed in there... uhmm nope it was real

    • Then go and find a nice guy. They are out there and very lonely, wondering why girls go for jerks more often than not.

    • I m looking for one ... but I think theyre hiding from me...

  • Yes there are many of the,. Guy learn to be men through there mistakes. Don't give up

  • Yeah, there are.


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