Have you ever met someone on the net and had a relationship with them?

The question says it all... And did it work? If not, why?


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  • Yeah I did. I met someone. I guess you can say it worked in the sense that we had a relationship for a while, but you can say it didn't in the sense that it eventually ended. I wouldn't put that on online dating though. She and I had a good run for a few months but eventually it started going nowhere. Still it was something.

    Also in the past I have met a lot of people from the internet, to varying degrees of success. You never know what might happen, but it's always worth a try. Some good things could come out of it. If you're asking because you're thinking about it, I say go for it.

    Good luck.


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  • I've met someone about half a year ago and things are looking really good! I'm in New Zealand, and she lives in Australia. I booked a ticket to go over in September, and we've agreed not to seriously talk about dating until we have spent some time together face to face.

    So I know my story doesn't really qualify, but I could advise that you certainly meet them before allowing yourself unrestricted warfare of amazing love for this man! =)

  • Yes, it happened to me 7 years ago. It acted like a vaccine to me, I'm totally imune to it now ;)


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