Dating after Break up - When is ok? Am I rebounding?

I dated a guy for three years, and we broke up a little less then a month ago. I broke up with him, and now I feel like I am ready to move on. HOWEVER, I know that he is still very hurt. My best friend from before the break up is interested in me, and I would very much like to go out with him. But, I don't want to be going out with him because I am rebounding, and then ruin a really good friendship.

When is it OK for a girl to go out with other guys again?

How do you know if you are rebounding?


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  • When you feel ready is a good time. most likely you have been over the relationship before it even ended. So count in all that time too. Fact is, your not going to rebound as much as you think because you ended the relationship, if you like him and you feel like your ready go for it. Rebounding is more about not wanting to be alone, if you find you only want to be with this guy because you don't like not being with someone, it's rebounding. If you want to be with him, because you care about him romantically, it's not.

    Hope that helps clear a little up?


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