Guys : why don't you answer your crush' text ?

So basically I like a guy and I know for sure that he likes me.

We've been on a great first date together and we texted each other the day after.

I texted him two days ago (which was also two days after the date happened) and he has not replied yet...

It was pretty silly, I was just mentiong the tape of a show we did when we were in the same school (he had told me during the date he'd love to watch it sometimes).

I did not even mention watching it together in my text, I kept it short and light.

Why would not return this kind of text ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • maybe your text didn't get sent or he's got a job and forgot his phone or his battery died or lost the charger or if its internet maybe the internet where he lives is down or his computer crashed

    or he's a jerk player and is 2Xing you and blew you off

    if I had a girlfriend ill try to get back to her ASAP


What Girls Said 1

  • thea must be an obstacle ,may be he has a girlfriend and maybe during the date he was just carried away... or maybe he is confused... just give him time and don't nug you will find out later

    • I know for sure he does not have a girlfriend ;) But thanks for your answer, I will try not too worry too much until I hear from him again.

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