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i know this guy quit a while now, he a friend of my best friend, he is in a relationship, I never really like him in the past, I usually feel uncomfortable around him when we hanging out as a group, and I think he feel the same way too. but strange enough in a party few weeks ago we hook up and actually went all the way at our friend house, then we both left home straight after, it was good, but it felt wrong, I didn't let my best friend know. we didn't text or anything after, and we kinda act like nothing happened when we see each other. however, last weekend in another one of our friend party, after a few drinks we hook up again, we were so passionate and making out in front of everyone like we didn't care, and so once again we had sex, and spent the night together cuddle, his girlfriend kept on calling him through out the night, he just threw his phone away. He left the next morning. nothing really happened after that, he message me one time saying what up, we chat for a bit but that was it. Now I suddenly find myself thinking about him constantly, and keep wanting to see him, I don't know exactly how I feel about him, I think I might like him, but again he has no quality that I like in a guy, I meant yes his look is attractive but his personality not really my type. could it be that I like him? or is it just the physical need that confused me? and what is he possibly thinking? is there a potential to grow for us?

Please help


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  • Its just because you two hooked up twice. He is already in a relationship. So don't confuse yourself

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