Would you tell her that you have another date that night?

Here is the situation.

I've got a first date with a women on Friday, I asked her out awhile ago but we were both busy at the time, so we put it on hold. She then asked me if I still fancied meeting up, so I was like yea sure and arranged to meet this Friday.

However in the last few weeks I have been in contact with another women, things been going well and we are also meeting up this week. She has been playing much harder to get, so naturally I am more keen on her.

I just wanted people opinions on letting either of them know that I have other dates lined up. As In the past dating (not exclusive girls friends) more than one girl at a time has gone both well and bad for me. Some girls get jealous and some get put off.

I'm not a playa by the way, just on a hot streak lol


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  • I always considered it like an interview. And it would be best not to quickly back outta one just because you got another offer. Because the other offer might suck...really bad :-P


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