Have you ever done this or had this happen to you?

Have you had this happen to you or done this to someone else, or do you, someone you know that has?

Have you ever seen someone for a few months after a long term relationship (at least a few years), seen this new person and had an amazing time (you really like them a lot, they make you happy, you say your compatible, or they say it) but when you talk about becoming serious you/they get scared and they say they can't do the serious thing right now. You/they now start acting a little distant, playing it safe and not wanting to say anything to lead you on.

Did that person ever come back to you? How did it turn out?


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  • I've done this before and mainly my problem was that I was trying to feel better after my break up one of the popular ways to do that is to keep busy. So I kept busy and hung out with my guy friends. we would just talk and I don't know why but they would usually want to be something more but I didn't want to lead them on as you put it..simply because I didn't think it was fair to use them to give myself temporary happiness so I usually put distance in between us until they got over me or had a new crush..i eventually came back but only as a friend again :)

    • If you happened to start seeing a guy after one of those relationships and you realized you just really weren't ready and decided to stop seeing him would you go back to him? And you guys were compatible and everything

    • if I wasn't ready then no I wouldn't go back to him simply because I would not be able to live with the though of --> "do I really like him?" "is he just a rebound?" It would be one of those situations where I would be like "its not you, its me' simply because its not their fault..i just can't get over my ex that easily..the good thing is that unless I had some weird obsession with the guy (which would even creep me out) then in time I should be able to move on and find a better guy

    • True, but what if you were ready, would you easily go back to him and let him know?

      And would you be casually dating during this time?

  • This happened to me once. The guy did come back to me BUT eventually he just ended up doing the exact same thing to me again all over. But it could be that he was just a mean evil guy but in general though I don't see much luck in situations like these. People like that who go distant and don't want anything serious is very unreliable and your chances of getting your emotions burned is so much higher. Be careful.

    • I hear you. I just figure 4 months of seeing someone and it being nothing but great, literally no bad moments, she will come back. She's not the type of person to use someone but I just know in this situation I can lose her to some other guy which would just suck and make me question all the feelings she displayed and said she wouldn't have displayed them if she didn't like me, like telling me we are compatible etc...you know?

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