What the heck does this mean or is it that simple?

So a friend of mine (girl) tells me I should date her sister. I tell her I would because I think she is cute and think the world of her (known the sister for 5 years). Then she tells me her sister and her were just talking about me. She asks if I mind if she tell her sister that... Then I get a message telling me what her sister said, which was "Wow! That is exciting. He is such a great guy!"

Is that good thing or bad thing? I do not understand women at times and I do not want to assume anything (learned from past mistakes)... haha

Any advice or knowledge shared would be great! Thanks


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  • She likes you :D see how this works is, (we'll call the one you like Sarah and the other ill just call sister just to clarify haha) Sarah tells her sister that she likes you and asks the sister to see if you like her in casual conversation... or ... Sarah talks about how much she likes you and the sister wants to try and make it work... based on what sarah's reaction was, it was probably planned and yes it is that simple :)

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond... the sister said she was not guarenteeing anything... So I think all I have is time on my side to see what happens!

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    • Like I've said, honesty is the best thing for a relationship and at this point it should be safe to tell her those things for sure! That happens to me and my boyfriend a lot. I told him something and then we were talking on the phone for like 45 min and he's like I just got a text from u? It was something I sent a long time before that so she was probably really really tired and wasn't up to read it all and sort it out from being so tired. Did she ever say anything more about it? and I am really sorry

    • i don't get on here everyday :/ I just have so much going on ha ha I leave for a trip with choir to Nashville Saturday (babysit Friday) and then get back at 2 am Tuesday morning and go in for surgery to get my tonsils out tues. Then Ill be down for 2 weeks crying in pain ha ha then ill have a week left before college but I should be able to talk more the last week and then after I'm in college :)

  • Dont assume anything, just take it as a compliment, as a good thing. and just wait to c what happens :D


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