How can I break this rather odd news to my parents?

I'm 16 and met a guy online. He lives in sweden I live in the U.S. We had planned to get together next year in June when I turned 18 (id be flying there) He suprised me with the news that he is coming this year after summer. My parents don't know, because they are super strict. How should I tell them that I fell for a 23 year old guy from sweden and that he is coming to see me this year? Also, he is not a creep. He has offered many times to talk to my parents, but I told him no. Also, does anyone have any experiences with stuff like this? Oh, yeah the age o consent is 15 in sweden, here in the U.S... not so much :/

I'm turning 17 in June and he is turning 24 in July


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  • Honestly... you probably shouldn't tell your parents if what you have is real. Keep it a secret until you are older. But what you should do... get as much info as you can about him. Name, address, email, phone number basically everything you can get your hands on and make sure it's actually correct. Make sure he knows that you have that and before he comes to see you give it all to a trusted friend. If he turns out to be a serial killer or something, at least the cops will have a lead.

    • I know his full name, two of his emails, his date of birth, his current employer, his mothers name, age and birthday, his fathers name and age, his sister's age, birthday and high school level, his brother's name and age, his best friend's name and profession and his girlfriends name. Oh, I also know his cell phone number, maker and model of his cell phone, h

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    • Yes, run a background check and validate it all.

    • Ill see what I can do :)

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  • You have to tell your friend the truth. Your parents are strict and they do not know that you are talking to him online. It's not something you should play with. He could get into a lot of trouble. He would waste his time and money just to visit you and then he would have to hide from your parents, that's extremely irresponsible. You need to get out of la-la-land, trust me, I have been there. It seems like fantasy online and everything is going nice, but once reality strikes that he could possibly be real and tangible and you realize your parents are not cool with it that's when things get scary. Call it quits with the guy before he does something crazy and buys his ticket. If it's too late then you have to tell him that he needs to rent a hotel and be okay with lying to your parents about who he is. Say you met him at school through an exchange program and you stayed as friends when he went back but now he wants to visit the U.S. again and he wants to meet you and your family.

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