I texted him first

2 weeks ago I texted him first, but because on Sunday we connected I decided to text him,"good evening officer, how's your first day of classes so far?" Is that bad? (He's going to be a police officer so it's a joke). *uck I hate texting, and I'll keep it really short because I'd rather talk on the phone. Was it bad? We're both 24, but I don't a lot of experience.


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  • alot of guys WANT the girl to make first moves etc YOU DID NOTHING WRONG why does it bother you about texting a guy first

    • because I lack experience, and I don't want to screw this up. lol he answered back, but now I'm getting bored, so should I ask to call? I want to talk like 10 min, but I don't want to appear eager

    • again... you think your doing things wrong but your not and of course you should call him

      let me list it out:

      because I lack experience->who cares

      I don't want to screw this up- >you will if you keep acting scared all the time, nervousness is OK tho

      I don't want to appear eager ---> if you don't he will see you as just friends and he will find another girl who shows that she likes/loves/wants him

      now I'm getting bored---> WTF does that mean?

    • "Bored" part was because we were texting too much; I don't like having conversations through text.

      Thanks for your advice, it was reassuring that I'm doing everything right :)

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