I think I might be flirting out of my league. What do I do?

i decided to take up net dating after a friend of mine found his "soul mate" from doing so. I'm reasonably attractive and have a decent personality. a guy started to chat me up recently from the site and seems pretty interested in me, but I'm really nervous. he's everything I'm not. he's in school 2 hour away from where I live to be a doctor, traveled many places, pretty attractive, and very athletic. it's starting to make me a little insecure and I'm thinking he has to be interested in other girls as well or might be looking for one thing.

what should someone do in this case?


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  • First you should be careful. Net dating can have an element of danger. Second, as far as your "relationship" with him, there is nothing wrong in pursuing it. There is always some risk in dating another person because you don't know what you don't know, but you may well find that you are soul mates. Proceed with caution. Time to meet him face to face (preferably in a public place).

  • what are leagues?

    leagues are what nerdy school boys use to use to explain why they can't get the hot girls.

    They don't exist, keep going with it and don't show insecurity.

    WORST case scenario he rejects you.


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