He is 10 hours flight away and from another country. Guys opinion on this?

I had a fling Overseas and now find myself really liking him.

The only problem is that he is like a 10 hour flight away and from another country.

Doubt it would really be worth pursuing... Would he be thinking the same thing?

He accepted my friend request on Facebook and liked a few of my things. Sent him a message. Just got a short but sweet reply back.

Other then the odd like here and there, nothing much really is going on so have not initiated anything since. Usually like to leave that up to the guy.

Would that make you notice a girl likes you on Facebook?

If nothing happens, which is most likely. Guess we will just have to be friends. Have no bad feelings towards the guy regardless.


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  • If your already Facebook chatting that means you'll surly be married! But no I would have no interest in someone that lives across the ocean unless maybe it was the perfect person and one of us would obviously have to move.


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