He says we have to hang out but he never makes a date?

there is a guy at work I really like. We show clear signs of interest toward each other. We text and talk at work too. If I mention hanging out he always says he will but he never makes a date or time. We work very odd hours and he has a second job, I know he's busy and needs sleep like I do so I understand if he doesn't respond or he can't go. But there are times we can hang out or go to lunch, he says he will take a night off his other job if we get the same day off, but why hasn't he made the effort to hang out any other time...also I told him I was interested and he didn't say anything back...he always says "ill have to take a night off" or "you'll have to come out one of these nights" and I always agree and he never makes a date, why? I know he is interested too. This has been going on for over a month.


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  • If he was interested seeing more of you, he would make time. Maybe he gets his fill at work. I would suggest not saying anything else about getting together and see if he steps up to the plate. You also need to keep your options open to other guys. Start flirting!

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