Are some men in their 20's scared of talking on the phone when they're not ready for a relationship?

I'm just getting to know this guy I work with, and it's confusing because he gives all the signs that he's into me (we're both 24, going to school, work part time on weekends):

1.) Asked about me through a coworker.

2.) Always seeks me out to talk to me on his ENTIRE break, and cares about what I have to say.

4.) Gave me his # and said to call, then quickly walked away before I could respond.

3.) I don't see him flirt with other girls.

4.) During the rare occasions I texted, he would give a full answers.

5.) Last time I saw him, he wanted to talk to me instead of going to his car to get his lunch, and moved toward me for a hug.

Last night I text him, it was going really well but after a few texts when I thought it was enough texting (I don't like having a long convo via text, when it's more simple to call) I asked him if he'd like to talk for a few min, 10:25 pm at this pnt... His response: "Talk tomorrow, have to wake up early tomorrow, hopping into bed now." I said,"Ok nite."

I don't act needy at all because I'm not. I have a life too, so it's no biggie, but I had a good feeling about him, which is why I was really annoyed last night.


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  • most guys in their 20's are just scared of women, its a maturity thing, so really, guys are not quite ready to date respectfully until they aare at least 25, otherwise your be dating a big kid who puts his game playing before you and lads nights out before a raunchy night in with you, so check his maturity levels before dating him,x

    • I believe he's mature, I'm not attracted to guys younger than me (I'm 24).

    • most women are mostly attracted to older men, which is understandable because girls your age prefer the mature man rather than the one who is still spending 8 hours a day on his xbox or playstation, so I would stick to the older man to get the attention you deserve,x

  • I suppose you are right. As a 24 year old guy, I never called my crush even though I could stand and talk with her in person for hours.

    But then again, she and I had a lot of privacy problems. Talking in a soothing voice could attract the attention of our over-protective parents or nosy siblings. Probably for him, it's a nosy room-mate or something.

    But I wasn't afraid of a relationship. In fact, I wanted one.

    However, I do remember avoiding phone conversations with this girl who showed interest in me. She took it personally and phased away from my life.

    • hmm you have a good point (about the nosy sibling part). I guess it's no big deal, I'm not that sensitive, and I'm a little surprised at how much I'm looking into this...I guess it's because I like him, so it means more, but I've gotta watch my emotions.

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