How would you go about telling your family that you met someone online?

I never really intended to do any online dating, I just made a free profile for a site to see what was out there. Long story short, I met an amazing guy. We have not yet met in person (we live several hours away) but we have made plans to do so very soon.

I don't plan to tell my family about it until we are serious because knowing how things have happened in the past, I know it is smart to not bring my family into the picture until I am sure about someone. However, I am not sure how they will take it. They don't really understand the internet and are therefore afraid of it. I am fairly sure my father has never used the internet before. My brother just thinks that sort of thing is a huge joke. But I don't want to lie about it because that just seems like a way to doom a relationship.

What should I say? I don't want them to have tons of prejudgments about him, but I also don't want to wait until after they meet him to tell them. First of all, because I know it will go better if it is just me and also because I know they will ask as soon as I tell them I have been seeing someone.


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  • No offense here, but if your family judge him right in be beginning just because you met him on the internet, then fuck your family.

    Simply put, you just tell them. If / When your relationship gets serious enough that you wanna start introducing each other to your respective families, I would suggest introducing them, I would just suggest bringing him in, and whenever the question comes up of "so, how did you two meet" you just tell them. If they give you shit because of it, or start getting quiet, or awkward glances, you can flatout say "don't give me that" and then back yourself up with whatever history you and your guy have made so far. You can tell them that you've been together for a while and it's going well, so they can just grow up.

    Seriously, the stigma behind internet dating at this point is retarded. People get all scared or stupid, or prejudiced at the idea of people meeting online, when for one, it's become a great equalizer for people who might not get a chance in the dating scene because people still tend to make assumptions based on first glance appearances, and thus, now these people have the opportunity to have others get to know them BEFORE getting written off. But more importantly, it's fast becoming a great tool for meeting people you might not have had the time for, previously.

    So if you've gotten to a point with this guy, that you and he know each other well enough, and are comfortable enough with each other, that you're willing to meet your respective families (which I can not stress how big a step that is for someone like me - I only ever introduced ONE girl to my mother) and yet still your family has the fucking nerve to get weird about it or give you shit about YOUR relationships, all just because of HOW you met someone, and doesn't meet up with their usual norms... Yeah if they give you shit, you can tell them to go fuck themselves.

    Bottom line. Just tell them when they meet them, if they ask. You shouldn't have to hide it. You shouldn't have to be nervous about it. You shouldn't have to apologize for it. You shouldn't have to make any sort of fuss about it. If the relationship is good, who cares what they think? Why should you care?

    Just tell them when the time comes.

    Good luck.


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  • My wife and I joke and tell people that she bought me in an eBay auction (for two dollars and forty seven cents). Actually, we met on Yahoo Personals, which got bought by (NOT advertising them!) We have met with a lot of suspicion from people, and some of her and my family members (as well as friends and co-workers) didn't think it would be for real, but here we are almost seven years later, all married and stuff.

    Tell them straight up, tell them literally millions of people have met that way and have had very happy relationships, and that only the few rare horror stories are the ones that actually make it into the news, but they are very few and far between.

  • I'd just say, "HEY! LISTEN UP! I MET SOMEBODY ONLINE!" Try that.

    • I would if it were only affecting me, but I really want them to like him when they finally end up meeting him.

  • I was going out with someone online (for close to a year?) we didn't even live in the same nation. any way I didn't tell my family because even though my mom and step dad do use the internet they don't think you can get to know anyone by just talking online. my dad rarely uses the internet and it's only when he has to so I have no idea how he would have reacted.

    my brother and sister both use the internet, my brother is a big gamer so he might understand how interacting with someone online could be like but I don't know about my sister the closest thing I guess she had a pen-pal when we were younger.

    I guess I was kinda safe because my family couldn't really meat her so it didn't matter as much they didn't know. I wish I could add something helpful but this is all I got.

  • Its easy just do what Nike says which is "just do it." You're in your mid twenties tell your parents you're old enough to do what you want to do.


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  • I told my family like right then and there. I honestly had no shame. Haha! They thought I was nuts and made fun, but I honestly didn't care because he was a real person to me. They called him "the man in the computer" but once they met him and saw how he treated me?, they shut the hell up and actually liked him. lol Now me and this guy are engaged, and we don't plan on getting married just yet, but we both know we want to be in each others lives for good. We've been together for 3 years. : ) Good Luck!

  • Where did you meet? Was it at a resteraunt? A coffee shop? lol I know, it is kind of skirting the truth, but if it makes you feel a bit better for awhile, tell them you met there. Because that is where you first met, right? After all, you didn't actually "meet" on a computer, now, did you?

    • I don't want to lie about it. I don't want to try to have a good, healthy relationship (a LDR at that) that I am telling people lies about.

    • It isn't a lie, it's "not going there" yet.

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