Should I go out with him or not?

I have a real issue that's been bugging me for a few days. My boyfriend of 6 months broke up with me last Tuesday, stating that he thought the spark between us was gone, and that he felt like he was wasting my time. But we had discussed it like adults, and decided that it would be best if we broke up at the end of the school year and just left it at that. There's still 2 months left. I go to a boarding school, so there's not much here for people to do but gossip. The reason I bring this up is because practically right after he broke up with me, I started hanging out more with my friend Michael. He asked me to JSB (Which is a big deal at my school) the other day, and I've been told he likes me. I like him too, but I don't want to set off the rumor mill if anything happens. If he actually asks me out, should I say yes and just go with it for the next two months? Or say no and avoid harassment by my peers? Help anyone?


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  • It sounds to me as thought lure only staying together for publicity. Sure, you may have agreed for two more months before ending it, though there's no reason why your relationship habits should abide with the school year. I'd recommend that you go with this Michael and enjoy yourself.

    So this JSB is like a dance? I'd recommend for you to go, even as friends "officially" and move on IF you're really over your current boyfriend. It seems like he may be truly done though what's your opinion on your current relationship if you don't mind bing straightforward at least this one time?

  • If you think that's possible, then tell your boyfriend you're breaking up with him now. Then you're free to pursue anything with Michael, if that comes up.


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