Asking a man out, did he changed his mind?

I asked a man on a date in May. He agreed through email within 5 minutes.

A day later I asked if this time and place in May was okay. It's been 2 days and he has not replied.

Did he changed his mind?

  • Yes, he probably just said yes to be polite.
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  • No, he's probably busy. Give it 4 days.
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April 10: asked for a date some time in May 2012.

He agreed on April 10, 5 minutes after I asked.

April 11: asked if May 15 would be cool.

Now: still has not replied.


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  • Since it is now mid-April... why do you even need to ask?

    • Do you mean that he has to still look at his schedule and see?

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    • Sorry, my question might have been confusing.

      I asked him on April 10 for a date sometime in May. He replied within 5 minutes.

      The next day I asked him if May 15 would be okay.

      He has not replied...

    • Lol, that makes much more sense. Why don't you simply text him? Some people don't check their email very often.

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  • Give it a few more days.

    • Thanks he answered 2 days ago. So all in all, he waited almost a week.

  • he could have changed his mind but why so late?

    • I'm busy in April with school stuff.