Would you go to prom alone?

It's pretty simple.. Would you go to prom without a date ?

I have been asked by a few, but have decided I wouldn't want to spend the whole night with any of them. Any thoughts?


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  • If you don't want to go with someone then don'! It's fine going by yourself, go with your friends it'd be better than going with someone you don't think you'd have a good time with. I'm going to prom this year even if I don't get a date by then.


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  • It wouldn't be a problem when no one asked you. If you go now, the guys who asked will think you are a total bitch. Nothing personal, but it is quite a bitchy thing to do to go to prom without any of the guys who asked you.

    You could go with a couple of friends, that would make it seem less bitchy.

    I am not trying to insult you or anything :P

    • I was planning to go with friends lol

      No offense taken. I just felt prom would be awkward with the people go asked me

    • Well that's okay :P

      Have fun at prom with your friends :P

    • Thanks babe !

  • i wouldn't go myself but some people do when they don't have a date , it can still be a fun event

  • I wouldn't, but that is just because I viewed prom as something to take someone to whom you care (even a little bit) for. If you don't want to go with them, that's fine. I think YOU should ask someone, that way you can ask someone you do want to spend the whole night with.


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