1. Define 'Dating' (IYO) 2. Differentiate : Dating While going slow. Not dating-While Getting acquainted.

1.Define Dating. In your opinion. (IYO)

2. Differentiate Between:

A. Dating. While going slow.

B. Not dating. While getting acquainted.


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  • Dating: The act of being alone with someone for the purposes of getting to know them romantically.

    There is no difference between the two except saying that two people that are "dating" has a more exclusive tone and implies that it is somewhat more monogamous than just getting to know someone.


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  • 1. Asking someone out or accepting an invitation to go out and enjoy an activity together while getting to know each other.

    2. A. Dating is about getting to know each other so you should go slow. But where people seem to get mixed up is they expect the emotional attachment to go slow but they want to have heavy make out sessions or start having sex at the same time. Slow applies to all of it. Without an emotional attachment you should not be having sex.

    2. B. You should not spend that much time "getting acquainted". That is what dating is for. So, as soon as you know each other enough for one person to ask the other out on a date, move on to a date. I see a good number of posts on here where people think they are playing it safe by spending a bunch of time getting acquainted, not realizing they are in the friend zone. Find out if the other person sees you as date material or friend material sooner than later.

    • @Asking someone out or accepting an invitation to go out and enjoy an activity together while getting to know each other. >>But, that's what 'friends' do. Friends ask each other to hsng out. I don't think, that's a differnt category than friendship.

      Again, how do you know you are getting to know someone, as a friend, or getting to know them, as bf/ girlfriend in the future. or rather, how do you make sure they know, you _like_ them, while getting to know them. assuming sex is not happening.

      i meant technically.

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    • friends ask each other to hang out, is what I'm sa

      I have a lot f guy friends, & lesbian friends. like I can ask a friend if they want to do x why or z. I don't consider it a date. if a guy asks me if I want to do something, I don't see it as a 'date'. its just hanging out.

      i don't see the difference, between dating, & just getting to know someone. & there's no clear difference, it seems.

      hanging out , sounds the same as dating, so I don't know I guess you just have to SAY you want to go slow, in either case.

    • Well, nowadays there seems to be a lot of confusing, same gender friendships going on. I don't have guy friends. Keeps things simple. Plus I don't consider "hanging out" as a date and I don't want to "hang out" with guys to figure out if I want to date them. I would go on a date and quickly figure out if there was mutual chemistry.

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