What do I do?i have a deep infatuation getting in the way of love....

so iv iked is guy for some time now.we like each other and I may love him.lets call him "M" but there is another guy.i know I don't love him.i am positive I am only infatuated with him.basicly,i think he's hot and I daydream about him all the time.ive tried to stop,but I just like him so much.lets call him "A".so I was in the library researching,right?And I went to the lab.when I left we were all 3 at opposite ends of the room.when I came back for my binder,they were sitting cross from me nxt to each otherA whispers"will you go out with me?"we barely no each other so I quickly tell him"no.i don't even know u."and awkwardly run/walk bac into the lab.M walks in and flirts with me.he then starts up a conversation with a nerd in the lab.i am nervous,so I go back to my seat to pretend to get somthn.but I forgot the ther guy was there.he is so hot,he whispers,"i think I love u.i want to be with you forever.i want you to come to my house.."i ignor him.i know he is testing me,cuz they were talking b4 I came over.and sitting together.so I ignored him and went back into the lab.by then M got kiked out of the library 4 being too danm loud.i can't get A out of my mind.he is so hott.he gives my tummy buteflies and makes me bite my lip,but its an infactuation.i know I don't love him.but I can't stop thinking about him.I don't KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!plz help.


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  • From experience I would probably say keep telling yourself that it's just a crush/infactuation. Eventually you'll not be bothered by it. You won't think about him anymore eventually.


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