Girls, help me analyze this text pwease ^^

So let me setup the situation first, this girl hurt her arm like two weeks ago, actually I was the one who found her at work hurt and called for help etc..

So we have been texting on and off and she's been off work for the past few weeks and then on Easter I decided to play hard to get and not text her at all, so she didn't text me at all either on Easter then the next day our text was like this:


Me: If you were a pirate they would call you "one arm" so how's the healage?

Her: Better today. Yesterday I have no idea why but I kept having pains all day. Hmm.

Me: It's your body way of saying that you miss me...

Her: lol, that's a nice theory.


So am I trying to take too much from this cause I am attracted to her, or was that "hmm and pains all day" a signal?

Thanks for the help ^^


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  • she probably didn't know what to say and just said something neutral. if you keep texting back and forth regularly, then it's probably worth pursuing.


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