Was I wrong by getting upset over a text I saw?

So me and my girl were at a boxing class tonight and as I was reaching for my water in the cubbyhole we had our stuff in, I happened to see a text pop up from a number with no name saying, "I want to e*t you". Needless to say I was FURIOUS! I felt she was acting weird the past few days so, I'm sure that fueled my fire. I was calm when I confronted her about it. Saying I could stay in the class and I had to go. She asked why and I told her I saw a text message that didn't sit well with me. I asked if she knew what I saw and she said no and said not to come at her with an attitude like that that in the class and to just leave, all while being kind of defensive. And there was no attitude from me. I felt I was pretty calm about it eventhough I wanted to jump out of my skin! I texted her after I left saying I needed a couple things out of her car and how upset I was from seeing that msg. She replied asking if I even bothered to read the rest of it to which I replied, no, I wasn't snooping on your phone, I just happened to see it and what could possibly come after that to make it sound different! She explained where it came from saying it wasn't like how I took it and it was a reply from a mass text about a cute reply she made to it pertaining to her old boss. Like oh that baby is so cute I want to e*t it, or something like that.

Did I fall for some BS? Cause I kind of believe her. I feel kind of crummy for reacting like that but, who wouldn't have seeing a message like that right?

Quick back story, we have been together for about 4 months, had some trouble a few months ago(also a reason I freaked out)but nothing like what I just explained.

Any insight?

I'm just put off by how defensive she got, without even seeing the text, when

I said something about it.


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  • well how did the first freak out end? did she tell the truth? if you think you feel for BS I would ask to see it but if you truly trust her then I would just believe her

    • No I didn't freak out before. She was being very crummy and canceling dates and finding excuses to not hang out, etc. So I called things off. She contacted me a week later and we have been golden ever since. Til this week and mainly tonite. She is saying we are fine and it's OK cause I was upset but, I can't tell if that's all true cause it was via text. Guess I'll find out in the next few days haha

    • oh sorry I read that wrong haha. yeah you can never tell via text that's like the worst way to figure that out! good luck!

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  • I agree with one of the comments. If there was nothing to hide and don't let this be a cloud over you, but if I was her and I knew you were upset I would have shown you to avoid all the drama and hurt feelings. And I understand you... just yesterday I saw a smiley face on my Boyfriend sweatpants I gave him and apparantly this girl was bored during the track meet and just put a smily face. How sweet. So innocent boy, can't tell those girls to not put stuff like that... I don't let other guys do that to me. or am I taking it too serious here... maybe I am.

  • If she's being honest she won't mind showing you exactly what there talking about

    • Agreed but, I wasn't wrong in reacting the way I did right? It's not like I was physically going through her phone you know? Whatever the text was actually about, it was tough to see:/

    • no because I would have did the same and am sure she would to

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  • Hey, I understand what your going through bro... Not saying your girl is like this but I. Dated a girl for 13 moths and I'd see things like this, and I believed her over and over... We'll finally I. Got the cold hard truth, that she was a whore.. And she lied to me alll along..don't ever give up easy if you have the slightest idea that she's lying.. Next time I'd have her show you the texts...and if she gets defensive about it saying " what you don't trust me now?" or somthing like that... Be worried... But if she shows you and is telling the truth just make it up to her...

    But I dot think you over reacted I would've been pretty pissed too.

    • Guess I'll have to wait and see if she really meant it when she said we were all good. As much as I want to see the FULL text, I think I let it go unless she goes out of her way to show me.

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