Is it a bad idea to ask her friend?

I'm thinking of asking a girl to prom, is it a bad idea to ask her best friend for advice or help on asking the girl to prom. The girl that I wanna ask might say yes or no I have no clue, and I also think that there is a small percentage (.03) that her best friend also might like me. Any advice on what to do will be appreciated, thanks.


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  • Very very very bad idea. Ask the girl you want to ask- NOT her friend- if she's going to prom with anyone. And if she's not, if she would like to go with you. Being a little nervous is okay and endearing and actually raises your chances of getting a yes, so feel free to look at the floor for a few seconds before you look her in the eyes and ask.

    Do not go to her friend. If you wish, I can list the many reasons why not, but I doubt you're interested and just want to know if it's a good idea or a bad one.

    It's a bad one.


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