The dreaded question, how do I ask HIM to prom?

(screw grammar)

so yeah, sorry this is so frikken long

but I don't know what is going through "Jacks" head and I wanna ask but I'm afraid to be let down, or just embarrassed to try, any creative ideas?

he knows I like him, I don't know if he still likes me the same way as he did beginning of the school year (yes I've liked him since September >.> and he knows it)

prom is next month I believe, I told my friends I wouldn't go unless I was asked or invited

I really don't wanna go, but I the only reason I'm considering is because, the majority of my best friends are seniors, and I'm a junior, and I want one last night with them, before they leave,

if I go I want to make sure He's going (we'll call him Jack)

beginning of the school year I wrote a note asking him out

i went to jacks house a few weeks later and he said, well y'know, I did consider your ask, and I'm going to politely decline, but before you get sad, allow me to explain myself, it's because I don't want my parents to bitch at me about my personal life, I don't want any drama, and mostly I need to pass, I don't want any distractions, for me or you.

now honestly I'm completely okay with that, nothing changed in our friendship :)

"oh and by the way, just because I won't date you doesn't mean I don't still find you extremely attractive" I don't know guys when they flirt so I have no idea what he was getting at

oh well

back to topic

the whole beginning of the school year (first 3 months) I would go to the computer class just to see him and hang out, and get to know him more, and of course play star craft with the other people XD

on Valentine's day, I made him a really epic drawing (i'll post it when I find it) with this long explanation about how I still liked him, and how great it is being friends with him and knowing him

i think the computer teacher knows I like him ^///^

yesterday I went in the computer room because I had to finish some homework and I didn't wanna be awkward and sit next to him, I was half way logged on to the computer and he said "why are you being so far away, come sit next to me" friends? or does he like me? (I was one pc away, a friend of ours was between us)

today I sat next to him by choice

Davis was bugging "Jack" and I kept trying to shoo Davis away, that failed oh well ^.^"

but when I got up to hug "Jack" he didn't flinch or shrug me off

and when Davis did it when I got off of Jack, Jack shrugged Davis off (didn;t realize it was Davis)

i also had bugged Jack for a few weeks that I miss his hugs and I wanted another, never got it til yesterday :) it was a good one too grabbed me tight and I almost fell like 3 times Because he kept moving around, then I got another outside the class room, and we hugged again right before I went into my class

and the same today but a normal strong hug

and one before class

he's not a very compassionate person, and usually hates people touching him (or so I've observed) so I assume he likes me?


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  • BTW just read Ur about me page and you sound like a catch. I'm also looking forward to going into the marines, but I'm more of a shooter than a game-player.

  • look just ask him out, if he lets you down its gonna be because he already has a date, don't be afraid. but the one thing I can tell you is that he ain't gonna ask you out, that's not what guys do.


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