How to make first date more interesting?

This girl has been my crush since my childhood, we have been friends for these years but, now after almost 12 years I've made a move and I've asked her out for the first time and its gonna be my first ever dating experience, so I'm little confused about where to take her , how to spend the whole day with her and how to impress her, and what would be the things which can be a total turn off.

Please help me with this friends! :)


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  • For a first date, I like to be taken somewhere we can talk and enjoy time together. Things like going to the movies or a fancy restaurant are not good ideas. I would love a walk on the beach/park, eating somewhere new but not expensive or go to a theme park together and play!

    Make it somewhere you can talk and get to know each other more. Girls are impressed with sweet gestures like giving her a red rose you found in the park, etc...seriously girls want to feel loved, is all.

    Have a great date! :)

    • Thats really nice, I'll definitely try it !

      Thank you so much :))

    • Great! :)

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