Am I stressing over nothing? This girl has not called back yet.

I can't stop stressing about this girl I've been dating. We went out 4 or 5 times and things were going really well. Then I went on vacation (out of the country for about 3 weeks). I called her the day after I got back and didn't hear anything until the next day. She sent a really friendly text message (full of exclamation points) saying welcome back, sorry she hadn't called back yet, she's out of town and has dinners every night, she'd try to call back tonight if she got out early, and that she'd be back in town on Thursday. She then called me the next day and I missed the call, she left me a message again saying welcome back, and to call her if I got the message soon. If not we'll chat when she gets back. I called her back about an hour later and left her a message. That was Wednesday night and I still haven't heard back from her.

I feel like if she were excited to see me or make plans she would have at least texted by now... Am I being paranoid?


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  • If she was out of town, she might have just been busy with taking care of everything she needed to after being out of town for so lng. I wouldn't worry about it, just maybe call her again sometime tomorrow and if no answer then leave her a message to call you back if she doesn't call you back by Monday then ask her if she is still interested. I think she is but she is just busy with everything.


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