How do people text when they are/arn't interested?

I know people have their own ways of letting others know if their interested or not. Some text long hours with those they like while others will reply with short two or three word texts to show their not all that into the other person. But there are those who are confusing since they may text for hours one day but then the next they have short reply's, and of course you have those that won't contact the other person at all unless they receive a text first. I personally know a girl that I like that seems interested in me since we've flirted while texting, texted till she fell asleep, & made eye contact several times. But she never texts or calls me, & sometimes she will stop talking to me mid conversation. Our recent text conversation went a little like this.

me: Hey hows my favorite person

her: I'm good thank you for asking

me: Cool, so anything new?

her: No. But how are you

me: Good I just got back from hanging with some friends.

her: Cool how was it

me: It was great, it's always fun to hang with my guys even though their crazy as heck

her: That's good

me: So what about you?

That's as far as the conversation went lol.

Wow I guess this isn't a popular enough question to get multiple answers! Lol, alright I'm done using this site thanks anyway.


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  • Short answers, asks questions with yes/no answer, never calls/ texts you first... hmm lets see, f*** her bruv move on.


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  • Small site dude, may need to re ask a few times to get a bunch of answers

  • If they stop replying without reason, that's usually an indication.

    Like you said, she never calls you...never texts you. That says something right there.

  • Have you considered the fact that this question has been asked over 10000x before? Your situation isn't unique and you aren't either.

    • Wow bro relax, sure people do ask the same questions over and over but this is a place for people to ask for advice. It's to be expected right? why bring someone down? Besides it's not even a angry question.

    • Just because you add "lol" to your update doesn't mean you aren't angry. You got 3 responses. Most questions on this site don't get any. Get over it.

    • "Get over it" why are you being hostile there's no need for it. If I was angry I would have definitely shown it. But forget it no matter how "nice" or respectful I try to be you'll probably find some reason to be negative towards me.

  • Forget her, bro. She'll eventually stop replying to all your texts.