We're not talking so much? What would you do?

Dating this girl for 3 months and recently made it official. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes.

Everything is fine when we are together, she playfully winks at me, we kiss, make out, hug, etc. But we go days on end without any contact. No texts, calls, nothing. Not sure how I feel about this. Would you be concerned? As a woman, would you just expect the guy to initiate all the contact? I really don't want to bring this up, as it could jeopardize how "clingy" she might perceive me. Although it does bother me.

What would you do? Let it play out a little longer, and see what naturally happens? I've screwed up many past relationships by making ultimatums and demands from being dissatisfied with contact. I don't want to to it again.

  • I'd bring it up in conversation how we don't talk enough
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  • Wait and let her come to you
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  • Keep the casual level of contact the same
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  • Ask to see her more (be the 1st to contact)
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  • Ask what she expects out of this relationship (time wise)
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  • You don't really need to "deman" just tell her your honest oppinion :)

    Good luck :)

    • What do you suggest I tell her? I tried calling today but got her voice mail. Hoping for a call back later.

    • Just tell her that you think it's strage that you two are dating yet you don't talk much.

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