I feel so not interested!!

After last girl I tried dating and asking her out number of times going on only walks. She apologized and wanted to take me out finally. Full month one girl 2 walks!

Clearly not being everything I'm looking for I told her its just not worth it and I deserve someone better.

Never been close to a legit relationship although that is all I want not really to outgoing but when I try I normally don't get anywhere.

Tried of trying it seems all girls I meet are all the same and no uniqueness.

It seems this is wasting a part of my life away one I can share with another person.


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  • I don't see the problem. How many times did you want to see her, a month is a very short amount of time. I don't see what the rush is?

    • complete nonsense if you like someone go for it and put some effort it in specially when your less then a mile down the street. if you really like someone and go on dates with them 12 times a year half of them are just walks. That sounds to be like a marriage not like dating.

    • But you have only seen her twice. Is that considered dating?

What Guys Said 1

  • You may have to change up your standards not all girls are like that also depends on your approach as well the dating game is getting harder

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