How do you know who you really want to be with?

I love my boyfriend and I hurt him were still together but part of me feels like I don't deserve him anymore? :(

Bc I also love someone else as well he's far away I used to talk to him all the time until my boyfriend found out then I broke it off with the guy I was talking to long distance. The long distance guy I'm also hurting to I don't no who I want more or who I really want to be with and I want to find out who I really do want to be with because I really need to chose but I don't no how to tell who I want to be with more?

And also since my boyfriend doesn't trust me anymore I can't hang out with any of my guy friends or text any guys

I just feel like I'm in a cage right now and I don't no what to do because I don't like the feeling I like the feeling of being free but I don't want to hurt my boyfriend I'm the only person in his like that has always been there for him and if I leave he will be devistated he's always saying to me promise me your won't leave me no one can promise that because they don't no what's going to happen in the future that and I don't know who I really want!


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  • to me it sounds like your boyfriend is over jealous and is kinda controlling. no one should be able to tell a spouse who to be friends with. it's normal for people of opposite gender to talk and hang out as friends. Even though most of my offline friends are guys allot of my online friends are girls and if I had a Girlfriend either online or offline and she told me to stop talking to other girls I would feel like sh*t for ignoring some of my best online friends.


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  • It will be hard for him to trust you, because you have already betrayed his trust. However, he has to make up his mind. Either he forgives you and you both move on, it has to be left in the past then. Or, he can't forgive you and you break up. You cheated on him emotionally, I don't know if I could trust someone after that either . . . If you don't know which one you want, maybe neither are right for you and you should just be single for awhile.