Should I re-ask her?


I was flirting with a girl last night, she very STRONGLY implied that she wanted to hook up with me (but I was also able to surmise last nigh was not an option), I suggested tomorrow tonight, and she said hmmm. I live 35 minutes from her, and am going to be in her area tonight. Should I re-ask her out again. From personal experience, I know she is the type of girl that likes to make last minute plans, not plans days in advance.


I dated this girl last summer, I REALLY liked her. I came off too needy, and after a few dates and only making out we got in a huge fight, and it ended. That was 8 months ago, and hadn't spoken since. by the way we live in neighboring cities, about 35 minutes from each other.

Recently, she initiated a words with friends game with me, and has give me three pretty clear IOIs (Indicators of Interest)

1. A few days ago she told me out codling

2. A few days ago, she asked if I had a girlfriend, when I responded "I am not exclusive with any one, U?" and she responded "Same"

3. Last night I suggested we bet that the loser of the words with friends game take the winner to dinner, SHE COUNTERED-->"If I win you buy me dinner, If you win I will get naked and you can play with me."

While playing the game. I told her I was going to be by her the next night for an event and that we should settle either bet the next night. She said "HMMM" we played for a bit longer, I LOST. I suggested double or nothing, and she said "not tonight my brain hurts."

So (1) if I don't go out with her tonight my schedule won't let me until next weekend, (2) I don't want to wait until next weekend because I am crazy about her, and (3) I want to strike when her interest is strong. So if you are still reading my novel, my questions are:

(1) Should I mention going out with her again today? (2) should I text or call? (3) What should I say?

I was thinking I would message her tonight, and say "So I am going to [insert event] tonight, I am sure the fellow guests will bore me by 7:46, so it seems like the perfect time for me to reduce my indebtedness to you, pick you up at 8:10?


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  • that is an adorable idea :) if she has any interest whatsoever, she will be glad you said something :))


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