The guy I'm seeing sucks with communication, and leaves me confused...

I've been casually seeing this guy for about 2 1/2 months now, but we've only been on 6 dates in that time. Whenever we're together, he acts like he's in love with me or something, but then I'll go for a week without hearing from him. For example, on April 10th, I texted him to ask how his Easter weekend was. A few minutes later, he replied "oh good. pretty average. how was yours?" I said "good. it was nice to see everyone, but it went by quickly 'cause of all the driving. Then it took him 'til the 13th to say "that's good" and to ask me what I'm up to tomorrow (today). I'm so confused... Why does he act so infatuated when he's with me, then act so distant in between? I mean he's not using me, 'cause he puts just as much into the time we spend together as I do... He talks about wanting a relationship, about never wanting to leave me, etc. So what is it? Any explanation other than his "sorry, I've been crazy busy with my internship?" Or is that a legitimate reason for taking 3 days to send a 2-word text? I know that he's not on his phone all the time, but really?!


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  • Check out some books like MEN ARE FROM MARS WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS, or another book called SECRETS ABOUT MEN EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW by Barbara DeAngelis. Men and women are significantly, psychologically different. Especially our communication styles. Those books will break everything down and explain why he rarely calls you in between the times you see him. What's going on with you two is a classic scenario, and VERY easily fixable once you understand each other more. From what you've said I think he definitely likes you alot, and he's probably a great guy, he just doesn't know he's upseting you by not calling you more often.

    I've read those two books and it helped me improve the quality of my relationships 100%. Not just my romantic relationships, but just being able to communicate a million times better with all of the women, and men, in my life.

  • sounds like he is either really busy or he is putting you on the back burner.


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